7-Day Silent Mindfulness Retreat with meditation and yoga, near Prague

February 2-9, 2020
7-Day Silent Mindfulness Retreat with Lot Heijke.

A silent group retreat offers a unique possibility to practice together, deepening your experiences and supporting the development of insight. Suitable for those relatively new to meditation, as well as for more experienced meditators. This is a secular Mindfulness retreat, which means it is offered without traditional (buddhist) forms and rituals.

The retreat will be taught in the style of the western insight meditation tradition, with sitting and walking meditation, as well as yoga. We will be in silence for most of the time. Guidance, talks as well as (personal) interviews are being offered throughout by the teacher.

Lot Heijke, certified MBSR teacher and -trainer, yoga and meditation teacher.

February 2-9, 2020.
The retreat starts at February 2, after 16:00 hrs and ends after lunch at the closing day (approx 14:00 hrs).
Location: Vanuv Statek, Czech Republic, at about 1 hour from Prague.

This retreat is on donation-basis. This means that the prices below only cover accomodation, and not the teacher’s fee. At the end of the retreat you can make a donation as an appreciation for the teaching received.

Accomodation prices:
E 305 accomodation and all meals, staying in a shared room;
E 355 accomodation and all meals, staying in a single room