"Eat Right Now" App

Saw Judd on Channel 5 last week introducing the App that uses mindful tools and activities to understand habit eating. It’s a 21 - day very interesting program. I downloaded it and have really enjoyed using mindful skills to learn about habits of eating. I am wondering if there it is possible to obtain the Program Code to continue beyond Day 4. I looked forward to the daily lessons and multiple check-ins and suggestions for activities based on current feelings. Thank you.

I too downloaded Judd’s mindful eating app and did the 4-day trial. I however did not pay for the rest of the 21 day class - I understand there is a program code.
However, I am unsure if this program code is for those participating in a research study?

I applied for the Eat Right Now training - hoping to hear soon.

I have many co-workers who are interested in the program, and many others in my community.

Jennifer : )

Thank you Jennifer for responding to my post. Today I clicked on the App and Day 5 started even though I didn’t have code or made a payment. I was very excited. After 4 minutes, it went back to the Subscription Offer. So I was again disappointed. I have been fairly regular at the Monday Meditation Sits at UMass. Perhaps next time I go I could talk to Judd or Paul about the App.


I downloaded the app and took a look at it. You can purchase a subscription, either monthly or yearly, by clicking on the community link in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. That should provide you a license code to continue using the application Beyond day 4. I hope this helps.