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This category contains information and tips for getting started with the cfmHOME Community

Living Room

The Living Room is where we can come to relax and spend time talking with friends and family. HOME's living room is open to anyone who is interested in mindfulness to learn more about it, join a conversation, and connect with others.

Meditation Room

This public room offers access to guided meditations and other practice-oriented resources.

Video Room

Explore a wealth of mindfulness-related videos: talks, lectures, and interviews; live streaming events; archival footage; and highlights and previews of other content

Private Rooms

Access to a few parts of cfmHOME is limited to existing members of certain groups (such as MBSR Teachers or scientific researchers). For more information about these rooms and help with gaining access, please consult this guide.


This category is for discussions about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Oasis Institute

A place for discussion for members of the Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Education and Training

Mindfulness Collectives

Mindfulness is manifesting in the world in many ways. The purpose of this room is to bring together groups and individuals who share a common goal of bringing mindfulness to the world in a specific domain or through a specific medium. For example mindfulness in business, mindfulness in medical schools, or mindfulness and social justice.

Stress Reduction Program

This category is for current or past students of the Stress Reduction Program.

UMass CFM Blogs

The blog series, “Life as Practice/Practice as Life” was inspired by a deep wish to support human health and flourishing in the face of tumultuous times.