Bigger edit window?

Is there a way to get a bigger edit window, either by popping it out into a separate browser window ( like GMail) or with an expandable edit box. I was creating a rather long reply (not posted yet) and it was a nuisance to do it in the scrolling window. I ended up composing in GMail for copy/paste back into Discourse.

If not, may I suggest it. I think making the edit box expandable is not too hard, though the way the box and the preview box to its right are situated might complicate things. Maybe get rid of the preview when the edit box is expanded. Also, I have seen poor implementations of expandable edit boxes where the box keeps shrinking back to fit the text edited so far.

Thanks for the good feedback!

The edit window is vertically expandable, by clicking on this “handle” at the top of the window

and horizontally expandable by clicking the “hide preview” link at the bottom right:

(Now added as an entry in the FAQ)


Perfect… thanks! I was looking for that handle at the bottom or (for a 2D expansion) lower-right, which is where I usually see it. But with the edit/preview at the bottom of the browser window, this makes total sense.

BTW, I am increasingly impressed with the design and implementation of Discourse.