Question on Offering Mindfulness sessions to Individuals

Hi, I am new to this community and am grateful to become a part of it. I would like to know if anyone teaches mindfulness in individual sessions, or knows anyone who does? And if so, what are the fees and structure of sessions? Thanks so much, Michele

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It’s a greatday! You are Welcome Michele. I use mindfulness in my group coaching and one-on-one Consultation though I do not train people in mindfulness since that is not one of my focus and work. To Your Success, Dr Joshua Awesome

Hi Michele. I have done one-on-one mindfulness training with a number of people. These are usually those that cannot make it to an 8-week mbsr class or prefer not being in cr owds or with groups, or there was a specific question or concern they wanted to address. If you would like to discuss further let me know. Happy to discuss by phone. Gus

Hi Michele,
Yes, private classes are always a possibility. You should check and see MBSR teachers close to where you live. If you would like some help finding a teacher in your area, let me know. Piero

Hi Michele,

There are some tips given here:

Click on “Look inside”, search for “one-on-one teaching”, then click on “Page 149” in the search results.
It should take you to “Example 3: Improvising one-on-one teaching”, pages 157-158.



Hi Michelle,
I hope you are doing well. I just saw your message. I’m a mindfulness teacher and I teach in a small group of folks here in my City, but I have taught also in Central America. I can help you. I accept donations, I don’t have fees as I believe that all folks who take a serious interest in this wonderful program, should be able to, every single donations received will help to bring Mindfulness transformation to all who are willing to learn and also for a future site.
My teachings will include: 1. QA session on your present level (communication) more less 2. Fully speak of your obstacles, 3.Formal and informal mindfulness 3. Meditation 4. Counseling. 5. We’ll meet on a Tuesday and a Thursday and a Saturday for an all recap of the week and questions. Not certain where you are, but our communication will be via Skype, Whats-app. Thank you so much, have a nice week.

Hi, Gus, thanks so much for getting back to me! Yes, I would like to hear more of your experience teaching mindfulness in individual sessions, either by phone or email. I am in New Jersey. My email is Maybe we exchange phone numbers via email, Michele.

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