***"About me"

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Gee. Where to start. I'm female. Thats one category that I fit into. Other than that, it is pretty difficult to fit me into a box, "about me".
I've lived in several states across the US for three to five years at a stretch so I've learned to love this wonderful country and see how vast and complex it is. I've been to England and Scotland and enjoyed them both.

I've studied art, literature, world literature, and some science. I've made art almost all my life and yet, only recently learned to appreciate the saying by Re'my De Gourmont: "Art is the accomplice of love"

I'm also a musician. I'm learning the Indian Cedar Flute, the penny whistle, and a little bamboo flute I picked up at a flea market for a dollar. When I was younger I played bass viola and took piano lessons for years. I was good at the piano. I also sang in choirs for several years both when I was young and as I got older. I gave up all music when I decided to put my focus into art. I miss it. So I am going back.

I have a one son, a fine son whom I am so proud of. I look at him and think to myself, where did he come from? He is so wonderful. My husband is a fine, loyal, loving husband, whom I adore. I also have several friends, some neighbors, some not so close, and some all across the country.

On the whole, right now, I have an ideal life and work to keep it that way, in everything, which is a reason I am interested in mindfulness and compassion. I mean everything, financially, in relationships, in my garden, in the donations of money and art I chose to make, in friendships, and in play, everything I do I keep that gratitude for this life in mind and "work" which is actually a poor word but I know no other, to maintain and nurture this amazing life I living now.. ( My play is cooking. I also was a caterer for several years.)

I have no formal degrees other than high school but I have more units than it takes to graduate. Someone once called me a "student of life". I think that fits.

So here I am in a box, sort of, or at least a few tidbits in case anyone is interested.