9 day practicum

Hello everyone! I’m new to this page and have a few questions as I navigate the MBSR teacher training.
Im currently a participant in an 8 week class here in CT. Is the 9 day practicum a combination of BOTH 401 (in person or online) AND 402?
Also when is the next dates for a Mass 9 day? the website says TBA.

Thank you!

Hi Traci, “practicum” is the old name and not used for the new courses. Now there is SR401- MBSR Fundamentals. CFM won’t announce any new dates until it is firmed. Looking back at 2018, I remember the 9days SR401 was held in Jan 2018 at Norwood, MA, in Jun 2018 at Europe, and in July 2018 at Rhinebeck.


Hi Traci,

I’m navigating the same waters and awaiting the dates for the next MA training. Perhaps
we’ll meet there.

Best Wishes,