About the Mindfulness Collectives category

Mindfulness is manifesting in the world in many ways. The purpose of this room is to bring together groups and individuals who share a common goal of bringing mindfulness to the world in a specific domain or through a specific medium. For example mindfulness in business, mindfulness in medical schools, or mindfulness and social justice.

Within this room, you will find some of the general categories (such as above). Please add specific discussion topics within these categories, wherever you or your organization best fits. And if there isn’t one, and there is enough interest (e.g. as shown by created topics and discussions), please contact us and we will add one as appropriate.

I see a lot of topics on mindfulness in medicine, schools, criminal justice systems, I wonder if there is a topic on mindfulness and aging. With the baby boomers aging at a rapid rate (I believe the youngest is 60 and the oldest is 70) I would think there would be an interest inany research on this topic and what this age group has found with MBSR in their lives.

Susan Johnson