Advise Needed for Mindful Career Change

Hi I am an IT marketing professional and single parent ready to change careers. My story is exactly that of the “always on” professional. Can someone please share their experience and advice on how I might build my credentials so I can start talking to companies about mindfulness? I’m taking a class at Berkeley and completing the 8-week MBSR course, but I’m confused by all of the certifications out there. Thanks!

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Hi, Michelle. As a former IT professional who changed careers, welcome to that vocational shift.

The credentialing process here at UMass is described on our MBSR Teacher Training web page. Upon successful completion of Fundamentals, you can start teaching introductory and informational sessions about mindfulness, and successful completion of the Practice Teaching Intensive allows you to teach the full MBSR program itself. Certification is an additional credential beyond that if you choose to pursue more rigorous development in your journey as an MBSR teacher.

Hope that helps a bit, and best wishes to you!