Billing insurance for mindfulness programs

I am curious about facilitators’ experiences with billing private insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid for MBSR courses or other mindfulness based education programs. I know this can differ by company and state and that medical diagnosis would be required. I am wondering if others have positive or negative experiences with this. I am exploring ways to make MBSR as accessible as possible in my community. Thanks.


Hi Nicole,

This is a very interesting inquiry! Here in Massachusetts, I believe only
one or two insurance companies provide reimbursement for the course,
although folks with flexbile spending wellness acounts as part of their
insurance may also be able to get coverage that way.

I’ll be interested to hear reports from others around the country.

Thanks for posting,

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Have there been any updates in the reimbursement of MBSR since June of 2016? Is it gaining traction with insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid?

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