Calmworks® Franchising Opportunity

I’m thinking of franchising the Calmworks® brand to individual qualified and certified MBSR™ Facilitators. In theory this would allow them to use the brand to bring mindfulness based leadership programmes to as many corporate clients around the world as possible. Does anyone have any idea how popular or not that would be with individual facilitators?

Intriguing! I think the closest to Calmworks®, and namely re: corporate clients, I am aware of here in the US is “Mindful Leader”, where a handful of MBSR teachers are teaching MBSR online via this… “platform/venue”. Aside from the 8-week MBSR offering to the public, they also offer a “certification for workplace mindfulness facilitator” training. Is this similar to what you’re intending on offering?

Tough call on how popular or not this offering would be for individuals facilitators. Sure, corporate wellness/HR world is adopting “wellness” into their practices, and more informed ones would know to include mindfulness/MBSR into their program (demand for MBSR teachers better versed in facilitating workplace mindfulness programs). This probably requires some market research on each step of the process.