Discharging Strong Emotions - Day Retreat

Discharging Strong Emotions - Day Retreat September 8

IDEAL FOR: All levels including beginners

Sometimes, when the tidal wave of strong emotion knocks down your door all that can be done in the moment is to swallow the great waters and wait for when it’s time to let those cloistered courses flow. In this day retreat, we will explore different methodologies to discharge or dance with strong emotions, as you feel ready. Explore what strong emotions means to you and find space inside yourself to allow their existence and thrive as a result.

Engaging in practices with sound, movement, creativity, and community connection we will explore how to make space for the newness that awaits us when we are ready and willing to discharge the powerful tides that have moved through us in a meaningful way.

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement and bring a journal, if you have one.