Five-Day Silent MBSR Retreat in Atlanta, June 2019

(Mark Dannenfelser) #1

Five-Day Silent MBSR Retreat, June 9-14, 2019
Location: Jesuit Retreat Center along the Chattahoochee River just north of Atlanta, GA, USA

The retreat includes meditation instruction, short talks by teachers, guided sessions of mindfulness meditation practice, including sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful yoga and mindful eating. Participants will keep silence throughout the 5 days. There will also be opportunities for individual conferences with the retreat facilitator(s).
Private rooms and private baths; all meals, snacks, and linens included.

(Barry Schoedel) #2

I was happy to see this going on in June in Atlanta. I live in the South (Southern Louisiana) and I have never seen any MBSR retreats in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama. I wonder if there is a mailing list I could get on so I could schedule for the next one.