Are you working directly or indirectly with patients in in-center hemodialysis? If so, it would be so helpful to connect with you, if you are so inclined. Am not so interested in discussing the teaching or learning of mindfulness, but rather how our own remembering-and-forgetting mindfulness/awareness impacts our work. Fingers crossed that you are out there and interested in connecting!


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Dear Marilyn,
Here is a link to an article I wrote on my work in this area. https://www.kidney.org/sites/default/files/v35a_a4.pdf
I am now working privately as well as teaching MBSR and in a hospital diabetes outpatient centre. I also speak at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clincial Meetings on Mindfulness and will be addressing two topics this spring 2019 in Boston. Wishing you well in this very exciting and much needed practice to relieve suffering in a population with so much of it! Gary Petingola

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Thank you, Gary! So pleased to receive your email and I look forward to reading what you have sent.

I will be in Boston at the AKF in the Spring. See you there!


Marilyn Babcock