How to develop a CE program?

Hi mindful friends,
_I teach MBSR and mindful schools program. I have been asked to offer a CEU program in my community. Can anyone lead the way in putting together a proper package for accreditation, or is there an administrator I can hire who knows there way around proper submission. Happy to skype or chat.
_Thank you-

Hi Gina! I am not an experienced CEU proposal handler. My only offering here is, who wants these CEUs? Are they teachers, counselors, or…? Once you have that clarified, you’ll probably have to reach out to the crediting agencies for those professionals in your state for details on requirements/specifications of the proposal. Best wishes!

Thank you! I have already done the due diligence, looking to hire an education coordinator to admin the work.



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Hi Gina,

I guess the first question is WHO needs the continuing education credits? My company, International Seminars group, is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to provide continuing education (CE) credits to psychologists. Many master level therapy boards also acknowledge credits from approved APA sponsors. If your audience is mental health practitioners, then perhaps I can help.

If your audience is nursing, physical therapy, etc., I would recommend working with the organizational development department of your local hospital.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Good luck!

Hi Sharon,

I’d still like to connect with you over the phone, regarding getting approved or sponsored for CE.


Gina Jackson

Hi Gina,
I am a test prep tutor in the Boston area. I am looking to partner with someone to incorporate mindfulness practices into my tutoring curriculum. Do you have time to speak this week?

Hi, if your still interested let’s chat.