Interpersonal Mindfulness Program online via Zoom

Hi friends
I wanted to let you know I’ll be offering an online Interpersonal Mindfulness Course on Monday evenings beginning October 19th from 6:30-9 pm. I hope you will join me!

Message me for more info, or read about it here.
The most profound thing I’ve learned about my thoughts and feelings about being with others is something I didn’t even think about. I thought this course was really all about learning how to improve interpersonal relationships but what I’ve learned most is about how interconnected we all are and that there is so much commonality and therefore so much to learn from everyone. This does revolve back to improving interpersonal relationships with our loved ones. – CM

The breakout rooms were lovely. I could take this class from TX and join others from around the country (and world).– LD

Thank you, Elaine, for creating an environment in which I always felt safe to express myself without feeling judgment. Also, given my difficult home situation, being able to participate online was ideal. I am my father’s primary caretaker and would otherwise be unable to take this class if I had to travel to the city.– MB

with warmth