Jewish mindfulness retreat, Dec 25-30 outside Baltimore

(Daniel Kieval) #1

For anyone interested in a Jewish approach to meditation and mindfulness practice, and/or a contemplative approach to Jewish spirituality, I strongly encourage you to check out

Awakening the Divine: Pardes Spirituality Retreat (December 25-30 at Capital Retreat Center outside of Baltimore)

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This retreat follows a similar structure and schedule to Buddhist and secular silent mindfulness retreats, but with the addition of periods of Jewish chanting and prayer, and contemplative study of Jewish text. It typically attracts both new and experienced meditators, and people with a wide range of Jewish knowledge and practice (from none to a lot).

I have been on this retreat many times and would be happy to answer questions from anyone thinking about going.

best to everyone,

(Dorlisa Banbanaste) #2

This sounds so interesting! If the retreat would travel to South Florida I know there would be many people interested in attending! ;)