Judson Brewer -Life Worth Living interview

Dr. Matthew Croasmun interviews Dr. Judson Brewer regarding his participation in the Buddhist tradition and his related research at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Brewer was a guest in Yale College’s 2015 Life Worth Living course. Watch them explore questions such as:

  • Was the Buddha a Buddhist?
  • Is mindfulness practice selfish?
  • Compassion vs. detachment.
  • What is the heart of mindfulness practice?
  • Cultivating in-the-moment vs. long periods of practice.
  • What is a life worth living?
  • Can science prove these practices?
  • What is mindfulness practice all about anyway?
  • Are there any ethical or moral “thou shalls” in mindfulness practice?
  • How does mindfulness practice help us deal with failure (in life and in practice itself)?