Looking for video tips for certification

(Karyn Sandelman) #1

I will be videoing class 5 in a couple of weeks for my certification portfolio and I’m wondering if anyone has tips for how to record a 2.5 hour class with technical ease and minimal interruption. I’m planning to use an iPad, which I know has adequate storage capacity, but I haven’t experimented with it yet and am open to all ideas. I’m a novice in this arena… Thanks in advance!

(Gus Castellanos) #2

Hi Karyn - for a variety of reasons, I recorded my classes 5 times as I too was a novice. I used a go pro 3 times and a tablet (like an i-pad) twice. The tablet was much simpler–just set it up a few feet in front of me so that only I appear in the video, but still able to record the speaking of rest of the participants. I must say it was a little distracting watching myself while teaching a class, but by the 5th time, I was more at ease with this! The main issues for me were the sound and the storage. But again with the tablet that worked out well enough. It should be straight forwards, so good luck

(Karyn Sandelman) #3

Gus, thanks so much for taking the time to respond and share your experience! What you learned will undoubtedly smooth the way for me. I’ll try the tablet approach and let you know how it goes.
Thank you for your generosity,

(Gus Castellanos) #4

You’re welcome–and thank you for bringing this up for I was inexperienced in doing this and suspect others are as well. Let us know how it goes

(beatrice dispaux) #5

Another tip I can offer, as I did record some classes for my supervision : if you feel distracted by the fact of seing yourself on the screen, simply put a paper on it (with some scotchtape for example) - being careful not to obstruct nore the camera nore the microphone…

and if possible do record yourself prior to the specific class you need to record, so to be really at ease with it!

(Karyn Sandelman) #6

These are really helpful suggestions, Beatrice. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. I’m most grateful!

(sandy Sousa) #7

You can also set it so that the screen turns off while you arer recoring so that you dont see yourself.

(Karyn Sandelman) #8

Thank you Sandy! I seem to have missed your reply earlier, so apologies for my slow response.