MBSR Classes near Bend Oregon?

(Lisa Lowe) #1

My cousin in Bend is desperately seeking MBSR near him. Does anyone teach there, or know someone who does? Thank you.

(Kerry Thompson) #2

If your cousin is open to online MBSR, that is now an option. I took the MBCT online last spring and we had a wonderful teacher and the group felt almost as close-knit as being in a class on site.

  • Kerry

(Cheryl Mills) #3

Hi Lisa,

My name is Cheryl Mills and I am a Qualified MBSR teacher and just moved back to Bend. I just started teaching the 8-week class here with one starting today, and will offer another one in January. If your cousin would like to find out more he can go to www.Haelan-House.com, or he can call me at 541-640-0597.


(Lisa Lowe) #4

Thank you! I will let him know!

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(Cheryl Mills) #5

Hi Lisa,

You’re welcome. I look forward to hearing from him.

Thank you,