MBSR Fundamentals - 9 Day Course, Norwood, MA, January 6 - 15

In this 9-day program students:

  • Participate in the Mindfulness Tools Program™, a 5-day intensive residential program offered by the CFM that provides similar content to the 8-week MBSR class
  • Participate in a 4-day intensive professional training, which directly follows the Mindfulness Tools Program and is analogous to the 8-week MBSR Fundamentals training

The 9-day Fundamentals course, (SR-401-9D) is designed for MBSR teacher trainees who live at a significant distance from an 8-week MBSR training site, or who are unable to obtain leave from their jobs and other responsibilities to attend the weekly MBSR Fundamentals format. This intensive residential training is based on the 8-week MBSR curriculum. For the first 5 days, students are immersed in the Mindfulness Tools™ Program™, a synthesized format of the 8-week MBSR course that includes intensive meditation, small and large group dialogue and interaction, and teacher instruction. In the 4 days immediately following Mindfulness Tools Program™, students participate in an intensive, highly experiential professional training to facilitate further integration of the Mindfulness Tools Program™ through instruction, investigation and dialogue with teachers and other Fundamentals participants. Completion of MBSR Fundamentals (SR-401-9D) meets the requirements for MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive (SR-402).

Hi I have done the online 8 week course. Do I need to do the full 9 days still? I want to work towards my teaching certification.

Thanks. Pawan

Hi, Pawan. If you want to become a teacher, the pathway is on our website here: