MBSR Graduates All-Day Silent Retreat

MBSR Graduates All-Day Silent Retreat

IDEAL FOR: Experienced

We welcome all graduates of the 8 week course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to join current MBSR participants in their All-Day Silent Retreat.

The All-Day Silent Retreat is an intensive 7.5 hour session of mindfulness practices intended to assist participants in firmly and effectively establishing the use of mindfulness across multiple situations in their lives, while simultaneously preparing them to utilize mindfulness far beyond the conclusion of the MBSR program. Graduates from any MBSR Course, even those not conducted at Copper Beech, are welcome to attend. There are 20 available spots for MBSR graduates.


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I would love to join the all day silent retreat.
Pls consider me and guide me how to proceed further.
I will be really grateful for this opportunity.
Thanking you
Jyoti gupta

Hi! We are grateful for your response. For more information, click this link: https://www.copperbeechinstitute.org/upcoming-programs/mbsr-all-day-silent-retreat-11-3-19