MBSR Qualified Teacher Question


I’m trying to understand the requirements for this

SR-401-9D - MBSR Fundamentals - 9 Day

Is it a requirement to take the Mindfulness Tools Program twice if I am unable to attend the 8 week MBSR in person but through Sounds True? - Once stand along and once as part of the 9DAY?

I’m wanting to register for the Mindfulness tools in January, but would rather register for the 9Day if one doesn’t have to take mindfulness tools twice.

Thanks in advance

I have the same question.

Yes, that’s how the process works. Because the Sounds True course does not
include an interactive component, which is a big part of MBSR, we ask that
those who take MBSR via Sounds True also take Mindfulness Tools, the five
day residential adapation of MBSR, before entering the teaching pathway.

I was confused about this matter as well.

I asked via email if one could take SR-401-9D having taken only the Sounds True course, since Mindfulness Tools is a component of SR-401-9D. The answer is no - one cannot. One must take Mindfulness Tools as a “stand alone” as well. The resulting apparent redundancy is a matter of perspective: first time through is for one’s personal development; the second time is for one’s development as a teacher.

Thanks to the the Oasis Team for their patience in clarifying this point!