MBSR & Vipassana

(Priyanka Shylendra) #1


Anyone in this forum who has done the MBSR teacher training and Vipassana (as taught by S N Goenka)?


(Gus Castellanos) #2

Yes, I have Priyanka. Gus

(Caroline Hardman) #3

Hi Priyanka,

I have been doing vipassana for decades and did the S.N. Goenka retreat too. I did the MBSR training about 5 years ago and am getting certification to teach MBSR as well. Its a good crossover.


(Priyanka Shylendra) #4

Thanks for replying Gus, sent you a personal message.

(Priyanka Shylendra) #5

Thanks for replying Caroline. Sent you a personal message.

(michael robinson) #6

Hi I have done Vipassana retreat and just completed the MBSR PTI

(Laura Prosdocimo) #7

Hi Priyanka, I did Vipassana retreat and I’ll take part to the next PTI. What are you thinking about it ?

(Julie Slater) #8


I have completed two 10-day retreats in Vipassana (as tought by SN Goenka). Do you have any specific questions or comments about the combination of the two?


(Priyanka Shylendra) #9

Hi all,

Thanks for replying.

I have been practicing Vipassana in the Goenka tradition for 4 years now and got immense benefit from it and hence was looking to guide people into a mindfulness practice.

My Vipassana teacher in India told me not to mix meditation techniques and hence I wanted to know if it is the same that teachers in the US also say in the Vipassana retreats and also wanted to know how different is Vipassana compared to MBSR.

Any inputs on this are much appreciated.

Many Thanks