Meditation Safety Training October 5th 2020

Understanding the adverse effects of mindfulness and how to mitigate them
with Willoughby Britton, PhD

This webinar is a 3-hour version of the “First, Do No Harm” training that was offered at the UMASS CFM for MBSR/CT teachers in 2018. This course provides an overview of the research in meditation-related adverse effects, neurobiological mechanisms, and a series of concrete methods for minimizing and managing risks and negative outcomes.
Part 1 reviews different types of meditation-related adverse effects with emphasis on the ones most likely to occur in mindfulness-based programs outside of retreat settings.
Part 2 provides an overview of mechanisms for how different practices can lead to undesirable outcomes.
Part 3 will review appropriate mitigation strategies, including screening, monitoring, trauma-informed modifications, and additional resources for meditators and providers.

  • October 5th 2020: Online course 1:00-4:30 ET
  • October 19th 2020: Q+ A, 11:30-12:30 ET
  • CE/CME credits available
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