Mindful & White

Mindful & White: https://www.mindfulnessatthecenter.com/classes.html
​This course, taught by Kathleen Beck-Coon MD, a certified MBSR teacher trainer, is designed to help those who identify as white look at the construct of white racial identity individually and collectively, particularly as it relates to black Americans. It is an opportunity to transform racial inequity through our inherent wholeness. In honesty and kindness we will contemplate it internally, interpersonally, and systemically to mindfully acknowledge, understand, and meet this reality in examining and addressing what it is to be white in our culture. With between session materials, meditation practice, dialogue, and teacher support, this work is potentially transformative. Because of the challenging nature of the course, there is a prerequisite of previous MBSR or equivalent meditation experience.
Dates and Cost: On-line: Wednesdays, February 3-March 24, *6:30-9:00 PM ET
*Class 1 will be three hours: 6:30-9:30 PM.
Class Cost: $300. Registration and email for questions on the website above.

It would be lovely to practice and learn with you!