Mindfulness & Education Conference Bringing Mindfulness Practices & Social-Emotional Learning to Children Grades K-12 July 12-14, 2019 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

(Valerie Brown) #1

This conference convenes seminal leaders in the fields of mindfulness in education and Social-Emotional Learning. Learn the ways mindfulness and SEL can strengthen inner resilience, which in turn can help create more peaceful and equitable schools. You’ll also explore how these tools can help teach students with diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities. When taught together, mindfulness and SEL have the potential to transform our education systems and our world.

Through inspiring keynote lectures, question-and-answer sessions, group exercises, breakout workshops, a panel with school administrators and principals, and instruction in practical application, you’ll explore:

• Connecting mindfulness and SEL
• Restorative justice
• The science supporting mindfulness and SEL
• Supporting healthy and thriving school climates
• School-based social inclusion
• Indigenous perspectives on mindfulness and education
• Ways of integrating mindfulness and SEL in school system

Our Venue:

Nestled in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has 40 years helped people and organizations integrate personal growth and social change, moving beyond ‘the way it is’ toward ‘the way it can be’.

Register here: https://www.eomega.org/workshops/mindfulness-education-conference?itm_source_h=search&itm_source_s=search&itm_medium_h=tile&itm_medium_s=tile&itm_campaign_h=searchcr&itm_campaign_s=searchcr&itm_term_h=Mindfulness%20&%20Education%20Conference&itm_term_s=Mindfulness%20&%20Education%20Conference&itm_ct_h=workshop&itm_ct_s=workshop