Mindfulness for Nurses

I’m considering starting an MBSR class and/or Eat Right Now class for nurses in rural E TN-marketing it as “take care of yourself , nurses” the ANA’s theme for the year. Probably with RNs and advanced practice Nurses (Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, midlevel providers). Any one aware of resources available or people who have done this in the past /or are doing it now? Just wondering.

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Hi. I am in Atlanta and will be doing a talk on Busy to Balance for Emory grad students in Nursing. I would love to be able to do what you are interested in and create a class for nurses based on MBSR. I am not yet certified to teach and will be sharing mindfulness ‘techniques’ as a therapist with a license here in Ga. Also interested in resources. Thanks

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My colleague and I have been teaching MBSR at our hospice for a few years now. Many attendees are nurses, but it is not exclusively for the nurses.

Additionally, I started teaching the Eat Right Now program to hospice staff (including nurses) in early 2017. I have now extended the class to anyone in our community.

So, none of these endeavors exclusively target nurses, but I’m happy to ‘discuss’ with you if you are interested.


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