Mindfulness in the news

From the Washington Post:

Want to prevent thousands of deaths a year? Make doctors and nurses meditate.
Research shows mindfulness could cut down on the spread of hospital-acquired infections.


From the LA Times (reporting on recent research): mindfulness may help older individuals sleep.



The Secret Weapon of CEOs and Basketball Pros to Get in the Zone
Mindful Meditation as a Key to Success

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A short article from the Financial Times on mindfulness in the workplace.

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Here’s a recent New York Times article titled “the muddied meaning of mindfulness” (note the alliteration!), that does a bit of a trace on the origins of the word mindfulness into modern times.

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Here are few more articles from UK:
The Independent

The Guardian:

All found on http://www.londonmindful.com

You all have probably seen these articles but it seems it’s worth adding them here.

American capitalism has had a long and durable romance with Eastern spirituality, and the latter has hardly undermined the former. For well over a century, business-minded Americans have been transforming Hindu and Buddhist contemplative practices into an unlikely prosperity gospel.

And this:

I would like to point out that it is all too easy for any of us to respond to this with a “circle the wagons” mentality, but the important thing is to note that thought leaders in the US are starting to comment widely on the commercialization and commodification of mindfulness. If your goal is to get something out there deeper than this, then please don’t jump on a bandwagon of dismissing these articles, but rather use them for information about what you need to avoid in your own teaching practice.

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Judson Brewer, MD, PhD visits Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care’s Anticancer Lifestyle Program

“People struggle with stress every day,” Brewer said in an interview ahead of his talk in Concord earlier last week. “And part of it is that we get caught up in what we’re doing – whether we’re worrying about something we need to do, regretting something we did, any of those things can cause stress.”


Panel at UMass extols life-enhancing benefits of meditation - Worcester Telegram and Gazette, 5/28/15

Great article on yesterday’s panel discussion at the CFM with Congressman Tim Ryan (OH), Congressman James McGovern (MA), Director of Research at the CFM Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, Saki Santorelli, EdD, MA, Executive Director of the CFM, and special guest speaker Lisa McGovern.

Click here for Telegram article

Mindfulness is stopping the world from thinking
Although the NHS supports mindfulness, an Oxford academic claims it stops people thinking deeply:

And here’s the kicker: "Dr Zeldin, who was promoting his new book ‘The Hidden Pleasures of Life’… "

(hmmm, wait a minute…)

For me, the fact that she brings her comments around to recognizing suffering (aka stress; in Pali, dukkha) makes this article worth a read. This is key to understanding the intentions and potentials of mindfulness practice, or whatever you call it…

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Willem Kuyken and colleagues are about to embark on a huge study of training youth in the UK in mindfulness:



Forget the gum. Mindfulness can stop you from smoking.
Minnpost, 8/19/15

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[Dr. Brewer featured in top four highlights from TEDMED 2015][1]

TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, recently hosted its annual TEDMED event, where thought leaders gathered to share their innovative ideas, cutting-edge research, and inspiring stories on everything health-related. Read the highlights, including Dr. Brewer’s research and the US Surgeon General’s story about meditation…
[1]: http://diatribe.org/tedmed-2015-highlights

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Can Meditation Gadgets Help You Reduce Your Stress—and Find Happiness?

New gadgets and apps are trying to make mindfulness meditation easier for beginners, but how much can we expect our smartphones to enlighten us?
Dr. Judson Brewer is quoted in this article from the Wall Street Journal.

A blog post in The Huffington Post by Dr. Brandon Nappi, founder and executive director of Copper Beech Institute, on the risks of oversimplifying mindfulness practice. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brandon-nappi/would-you-like-fries-with_1_b_7943228.html

UMass facility helping people to master mindfulness

An article from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette highlighting the meditation community building at the CFM.

A simple way to break a bad habit - Judson Brewer, MD, PhD

Dr. Judson Brewer, Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, shares groundbreaking research on the possible mechanisms of action cultivated through mindfulness practice that help quell cravings of all kinds in his TEDMED talk from November 2015 in Palm Springs, CA.

Please join the conversation and add your own comments on the TEDMED page for Dr. Brewer’s talk.

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