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It seems like mindfulness is everywhere these days. See something related to mindfulness in the media, news or on a blog? Post it here.

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Phil Jackson has been known to hire mindfulness coaches for his championship teams in the past (e.g. The Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Lakers). It looks like he’s doing it again!

Knicks Phil Jackson hired someone to give the team ‘mindfulness training.’

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Mindfulness includes formal and informal practice. This article describes how mindfulness can support ongoing participation in running exercise in Denver.

Taking It All In Stride

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On the lighter side…

Dan Harris dispels myths, shares a laugh and teaches Stephen Colbert a bit about meditation in this short clip on the Colbert Report.

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Hi all,
I’m new to the community and am enjoying the discussions so far.


Here is a short NPR piece on the incorporation of mindfulness practice into Silicon Valley’s high-tech corporate culture. This is part of a general wellness effort, packaged as, among other things, “The Wisdom 2.0 Conference”, “corporate mindfulness”, or mindfulness-oriented mobile apps (calm.com, Headspace, and Simply Being).
Overall I’m encouraged by this direction and am curious about how it will unfold. It brings up a couple questions for me.
-How are individual and collective interests balanced here? Can a community (corporate or otherwise) practice mindfulness? How could mindfulness, a vehicle to reduce suffering and gain understanding, fit in to a collective effort to innovate in this fast-paced high-tech culture? What is wise intention in this effort?
-How do mindfulness and technology interact? What is the role of technology in cultivating mindfulness? What is the role for mindfulness in the cultivation of creativity and technological innovation?

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This may be a common type of article as mindfulness gets over hyped, and someone with only a week of experience writes about it – http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9355692/whats-wrong-with-mindfulness-more-than-you-might-think/

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New article in a series, from @Cathykerrhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/catherine-kerr/why-do-studies-of-meditat_b_6075664.html

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The ‘Mindfulness’ Craze: Headaches To Come.

An interesting comparison to est:

Mindfulness may well be the est of our generation. Four decades ago, the est movement promised dramatic “transformation” for its practitioners. Many of them swear even today that it delivered on its promises. But est has also gone down in history as a controversial mess.

It will certainly be interesting to see how all of this continues to unfold…

And a pithy quote from the article:

And, of course, it will be seen as a menace by many practical people who believe that it is a distraction from their time on Facebook and Twitter.

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What if meditation isn’t good for you?

Jay Michaelson gives a synopsis of some of the recent talks at the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies and ties these in to a recently published meta-analysis of meditation studies as well as work from Willoughby Britton’s lab @wbritton

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Contemplative Studies at Brown and Beyond

An interesting look at some of the ongoing growth of mindfulness programming at various universities.

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And now mindful networking as reported by the New York Times!


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60 minutes is doing a piece on mindfulness tonight (December 14th), highlighting some of the research at the Center for Mindfulness. Here’s a preview.

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And, here’s a link to the complete report, during the third segment of the show. It’s on the front webpage of 60 minutes, at least as of 12/15:

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Thanks Margaret! We also have links to the full 60 Minutes report as well as to several shorter segments in our new Video Room.

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2014, the year of mindfulness? Hmmm…

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I think it’s valid that we’ve seen quite a few very public pieces on the topic this year, including TIME, HuffPo, and things like the 60 Minutes segment. The question is how can we more adequately be prepared with consistent, accurate, friendly, and referenced responses to the inevitable backlash from the poorly done hype.

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Seems to be spilling over into 2015…

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An update from Oxford on the Parlimentary group interim report (a Mindful Nation UK). Looks like they’re aiming for 2015 to be their “year of mindfulness”. Nice to see interest at a governmental level…


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Here’s a short Wall Street Journal article about the Seattle Seahawks sports psychologist Michael Gervais who uses mindfulness to help the team communicate amongst other things. Perhaps they might next learn to take a mindful pause before calling a pass play on the 2 yard line at the end of the Superbowl…

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Check out this Mindfulness-Ally Party Report from our friends in the United Kingdom!