Mindfulness Project in Urban Elementary School

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I hope this is allowed. I came across this opportunity to help a teacher bring Mindfulness to her inner city classroom and wanted to share to see if you could assist. I have no affiliation with this project other than being a product of this public school system.

FYI: DonorsChoose.org is a reputable website that helps teachers in underserved communities provide supplies for their classrooms by crowdfunding. All projects are vetted by Donors Choose. This teacher only has a few days left to obtain the funding for this project. I felt bad that I couldn’t help much financially but then remembered this forum and thought I could help in another way by getting the word out.


Mindfulness Project in Urban Elementary School

"My students need an area where they can practice mindfulness and calm themselves after dealing with the ever present stressors in their environment.

Our students walk into school full of life, ready to learn, and excited for what is in store for them that day. Even though the students face many economic, social and other challenges they come to school excited to learn.

Using mindfulness and stretching with children can help them learn to regulate their emotions, manage stress and calm themselves…"