Mindfulness Resources for Support During Covid-19

Hi everyone,
I’ve been creating a growing list of online ways to continue being supported by community, mindfulness and meditation during this challenging time. There’s a remarkably number of online ways to stay connected with groups and events of all kinds. Please email me if you have something you’d like added to the list, along with the time zone of the offering. denise@stressreductionprograms.com

Staying healthy and connected to others during the time of the Coronavirus
Live Talks and Groups, Articles (updated regularly)


Thank you Denise,
Kudos! Will share.


Perfect. Thank you for being so resourceful and sharing in these times, Denise! The skill sets of mindfulness really come in to play now to help sooth the panic quickly rising in our communities. <3 All the best to to you … Warmly, Karen Waddell, MBSR teacher in Toronto.