New curriculum - new format?

Is there a new curriculum–or a new format? I understand that recent TDI participants are receiving one dated 2015. Where can I get a copy?

Hi, Katherine! Just wanted you to know that I’ll be shifting this over to the Oasis team for them to respond to you!

Same here, I would very much like to receive the 2015 curriculum.

Manolita Farolan Doise

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your message and your question. I am looking into it. More soon…

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Hi Eowyn,

this would also be of high interest to me.
Could you send this as a pdf-attachment?
I have participated the TDI in 2013

Same here, I would very much like to receive the 2015 curriculum.
/Catherine Höij

Same here, I would very much like to receive the 2015 curriculum.
Thank you, Sigal

Please also include me in any distribution of a 2015 curriculum. Thank you much!

Hi All,

Just giving an update on this… we at the CFM recognize the need for
up-to-date resources to support our global community of teachers and
teacher trainees. And, we appreciate your patience while we are working on
conveying the current iteration in a secure manner.

Also, please know that the edits are minor and not substantive: more
formatting for clarity than anything. So, the curriculum you already
received and are using remains essentially an excellent resource. More soon.


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I have the curriculum guide published in 2009. I will be very grateful to receive a copy of the 2015 curriculum guide please.

Best wishes,

Hello I am looking for the curriculum can someone please let me know where I can find it please?

Thanks. Pawan

Hi, Pawan. Here is a link to the web page where the approved curriculum can be found as a PDF:

This link - did it change? It’s not connecting me to an Authorized MBSR Curriculum and I’d love to see one!
Thank you.

It is not in press yet. I suspect Lynn or Florence may be able to give you better information regarding its availability

From the MBSR Authorized Curriculum Guide that we all have from training, I am wondering - do people work with their mentor to craft a version of a curriculum booklet to use in their own 8 Weeks Mindfulness Courses (that the new teacher will teach)?
Asking those who are teachers - how did you go about this process?

hello Ted
Just wondering if I could get the intake forms for the MBSR program? Thanks.