Next 8 Week Online MBSR Fundamentals?

(Alison Campbell) #1

Hi there!

Can you tell me when the next MBSR Fundamentals Online will be offered–and if it hasn’t been scheduled when you would anticipate that it would be announced?
Thanks very much!

(cfmHOME Admin) #2

Hi Alison - there is no online MBSR Fundamentals scheduled for Winter 2019, but there may be one for Spring, which will start the week of April 22. I see you are on our mailing list, so stay tuned for that. We will probably announce that sometime in Feb or March if one is scheduled for Spring 2019.

(Dori Kelner) #3

Does the retreat need to be completed before we can register for this course?

(cfmHOME Admin) #4

Yes, all pre-requisites are listed here on our website:

(Katheryn Perry) #5

On the note of the retreats, how can I verify if a retreat qualifies? For instance I’m looking at this retreat:

I’d like to be sure it qualifies since I don’t have enough money to be able to do more than one.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information!


(Hanan Watson) #6

I would very much like to be notified as well when an online MBSR Fundamentals is scheduled.

(Ted Meissner) #7

Hi, Hanan. Please sign up for our mailing list, that is the first group to be notified of upcoming programming. You can find the button on the right side of our Contact page:

(Hanan Watson) #8

Thank you. I just did.


(Yuta Mizuno) #9

Hi there!
I will register the next MSBR Fundamentals 8-week online, if possible.
As for pre-requisites, I have more than 1 year meditation experience. And I have a plan to join a 5-day retreat compliant with the guidelines in March. Also, I will start participation in a MSBR 8-week course in my area from February to mid-April.
In that case, the retreat and the 8-week course will be completed before starting the next MSBR Fundamentals 8-week online offered by CFM from the week of April 22, but maybe not completed before registration close. Is the application acceptable?

(Dori Kelner) #10

The website no longer indicates that there will be a Spring offering for Fundamentals. Can you please provide an update as to whether there will be a course starting in April? Thank you!