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(lisa Finn) #22

Hi Gus, I would love to connect as I feel that it much easier to brainstorm possible solutions as a team.I will reach out ASAP.Lisa.

(Gus Castellanos) #23

Any time Lisa. Let me know how and when you can connect. In the meantime, if you have a chance, read this blog with a 2min video at the end that summarizes and reframes burnout and adds to the push back of mindfulness and resiliency training for physicians, I’d appreciate your opinion. Gus
Not “burnout,” not moral injury—human rights violations, March 18, 2019, by Pamela Wible MD

(lisa Finn) #24

Hi Gus, what I personally know for sure : is that mindfulness was a very important in helping me to get back on my feet.I was also fortunate to have Winston Churchill as personal hero and this was my motto throughout my personal struggles at the time :

I am not sure if we are going through burnout, moral injury or human rights violations and it is my personal strong conviction that mindfulness could be a part of a solution in bringing meaning back to health care.

I will be very interested in bringing it to operating room "theatre"and I do intend to get as much help as I can get with doing so.I would like to know how can I contact you personally and not through CFM network.

All the best, Lisa.

(Gus Castellanos) #25

Contact me by email and we can go from there…and this goes for any one else on this thread. Thanks Gus

(Christine Buckley) #26

hi Lisa,
So sorry this is such a delayed response… Thank you so much for advancing this discussion. I would be very interested in participating in discussions regarding bringing mindfulness practices forward in a practical way in the clinical setting. Let me know best way to connect? Best, Christine (cell 617-827-1701)