Norwood Mindfulness fundamentals Mindfulness in Healthcare

(lisa Finn) #1

I would like to invite healthcare professionals to keep the conversation about “mindfulness”
alive.I look forward to being connected.

(Tariq Mudassar) #2

(James O'Shea) #3

What a loss! Hope you are well and safely home in the UK Tariq

(Sandy Bargainnier) #4

Please count me in? As I prepare students for the healthcare fields–Thank you
Sandy Bargainnier

(lisa Finn) #5

That sounds like a great idea.Thank you ,Sandra!

(Pawan Singh) #6

Really sad to here of Mary Oliver’s passing. Loved her poem Wild Geese.

I would also like to be informed about mindfulness and the healthcare field.


(lisa Finn) #7

How are you Pawan, welcome to the group.Lisa.

(Pawan Singh) #8

Good. Took a while re-adjusting from the slow pace back to normal.
Hope you are good.



(william Maronn) #9

Hello Friends,

Starting an intro Mindfulness class at my gym. Light yoga, love and kindness meditation, walking meditation. Looking to merge fitness and mindfulness. First class is this Saturday! Will keep posted, hope all’s well with everyone : )


(Francesca G) #10

Fabulous news, Bill! Thanks for sharing and for the smile upon learning that you’re stepping forward into integrating awareness into the gym. :)

(william Maronn) #11

Thank you Francesca, hope all’s well in Monteray!

(lisa Finn) #12

I am preparing for my first introductory workshop and I found useful description of a plan in a post from 2016 by Ted Meissner

Hope it will save some of you time in going ahead with this work.

(Rebecca Castner) #14

Hey Lisa! Thanks so much for posting! For some reason when I click on the link it says I don’t have permission to view this - did you have to request permission to get to this?


(kelli cotner) #15

Hi Lisa, I wasn’t able to open the link to view the Intro plan?

(lisa Finn) #16

Hi Kelli, you have to scroll down to the end of the exchange between Ted and Gretchen and he posts the entire plan there.I could email you the plan if you email me directly.

(kelli cotner) #17

Thanks but when I click on link I get “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!.”

(lisa Finn) #18

Hi Kelli,how about you contact me directly through emails from Erik’s fundamentals list.I have yet to learn how the community access to topics works.All thr best,Lisa.

(kelli cotner) #19

my email is
I missed Erik before our training ended and didn’t get on the list! Will contact Erik through here to obtain emails. Thanks so much Lisa. :)