Playful Mindfulness is born!

(Edward (Ted) DesMaisons) #1

Hello, dear mindfulness friends and colleagues.

I’m excited to announce the release of my new book, Playful Mindfulness: a joyful journey to everyday confidence, calm, and connection.

If you read it, you’ll clearly see influences from the MBSR world and the Mindfulness in Schools Project folks who helped me find more humor in teaching this stuff.

The new element that I hope you’ll find both engaging and helpful: bringing in the insights, principles and practices of improvisational theatre, another tradition that knows a thing or two about being present, resilient, and connected with what’s actually happening.

If you’re interested in buying the book and could do so today, that would help boost our modest effort to climb the Amazon sales rankings (can such a thing ever be truly modest, I guess?). But no pressure. This bird will fly on its own schedule, not mine. J

Also, I hope to put together a workshop/retreat/speaking tour later in the year. If you think your mindfulness community might be interested, let me know and we can talk further. I’m eager to share the fun!

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Spring!


(Sha Whit) #2

Congratulations! I heard the “breaking news” on the Monster Baby Podcast. Can’t wait to read it! Best of luck,

(Edward (Ted) DesMaisons) #3

Thanks, Shannon, both for reading and for listening!

How did you hear about Monster Baby?


(Sha Whit) #4

I started an improv class for Veterans two months ago (we had our showcase this past Monday). And loved it. I immediately saw the connection between mindfulness and improv. Not sure the search phrase, but found MonsterBaby (and Anima Learning) via the internet. So I listened to you and Ms Rowland on the 30 minute drive to/from class. It was super helpful… in fact the episode on positive reinforcement saved one of my troupe-mates:

In that episode, you and Ms R discussed a game called Dolphin Training. My troupe-mate had been struggling with improv from the very beginning; he found it miles outside his comfort zone. He was freezing up a lot. Our teacher, a brilliant improviser and very good teacher, had a … brusqueness perhaps? … that didn’t help. So when I got to class the troupe-mate was looking edgy and saying that he didn’t think he could continue. So I mentioned the podcast and Dolphin Training. And I said, “The moral of the game is that the only way you can lose is if you don’t do anything. As long as you give us [your team-mates] something, we can help you get to the goal.”

And we played D.T. and it worked. And the troupe-mate stuck around and loosened up a bit. When we discussed it later, just he and I, he said it helped not just loosening up but also trusting us [his team-mates] to help him win.

So, thanks to you both. :)

PS: The episodes with Mr. Joe Bill were fantastic. Also, I’m glad you survived the Great Refrigerator Scare.

(Edward (Ted) DesMaisons) #5

Oh, that is so awesome to hear, Shannon. The kind of story that we hope is happening out there in the land of podcast listeners. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll pass along word to Lisa. She’ll be psyched to hear.

And I’m glad I survived too!

P.S. If you think of it and want to mention any of your story in a review on iTunes that would be wonderful! Every one helps more listeners find the podcast. : )