Playful Mindfulness Kindle version for $1.99

Hello, CFM Colleagues!

Some of you may know that I’ve recently released my first book, Playful Mindfulness, a work that integrates wisdom from the worlds of mindfulness (that we all know and love) and improvisation.

To spread word further and to reach more readers, I’ve put the Kindle version on a deep sale (only $1.99!) for today, Tuesday, May 28 and tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29. If you know of anyone who could benefit, I’d of course be grateful for your passing word along and for the opportunity to get the message of hope and joy further out into the world.

Thanks in advance. I wish you the best and hope all is well!



TWO-DAY $1.99 SALE, MAY 28 and 29!!!

In celebration of summer’s arrival, you can now get the Kindle version of Playful Mindfulness for only $1.99–that’s a five-star-rated dose of confidence, calm, and connection for well less than a cup of Starbuck’s!!

To snag a Kindle version for yourself–or as a gift for your family or work team (Amazon will give you a redemption code to send to whomever you like)–you can use this link through Wednesday:

If you prefer the paperback, hardcover, or Audiobook versions, you can get the best prices and best availability by ordering directly from Ted, the author, at (Ask him to sign the book if you get one!)

Want to help spread the Playful Mindfulness movement and bring more joy into the world? Feel free to share this post with all your networks.

Each pebble we toss individually creates a ripple. Eventually those ripples will join together to form a larger wave. Together we can create a more joyful, more mindfully connected world!

Thanks in advance and best wishes for a mindful day!

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