PTI course

(graciela castellano) #1

Hi everyone!, I am Graciela. I´ve been part of the student’s community since 2017. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay.
I want to know when is the next PTI course, after Petaluma.
As it ´s hard for me to travel to the US and afford all the expenses, if I know the date in advance, It’s really easier.
Thank you in advance!

(cfmHOME Admin) #2

Hello Graciela - there is a PTI here at the Center for Mindfulness April 5 - 13. The application Deadline is March 15th.

(Laura Prosdocimo) #3

Unfortunately I cannot take part to PTI in april, are you already arranging the next one somewhere? Thanks in advance for the reply, Laura

(cfmHOME Admin) #4

Hi Laura - I see you on our mailing list (thank you!).
All of our trainings are listed on our website and sent out to our mailing list as soon as registration opens.

(Laura Prosdocimo) #5

Perfect I wait, thank you very much for your reply !