PTI in US fall of 2018?

Does anyone know if there will be a PTI in the US this fall? I know there has been one in September before but I don’t see it offered–just the one in Ireland.

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Also interested in this.

I am also interested in knowing this. I understand these opportunities fill up quickly and it would be great to know in advance to make scheduling arrangements.

I am also interested in finding out about PTI in US fall of 2018

Hi All, Please check our website. The PTI September 8-16th here in
Shrewsbury has been listed. Registration will open soon.

Hi Eowyn, great to hear the PTI will be available in the fall. Definitely eager to sign up as soon as it opens up for registration!

Hi Eowyn, can I check on 8th Sep, what time will the class start? And on 16th Sep, what time will the class end?

Ong Pee Eng

Yes, and I also need to know starting times and ending times on September 8th and 16th. I am already registered. Judy

Hello, I am very puzzled: I applied for the PTI scheduled for September but I have got confirmation for a PTI course scheduled for October. I don’t know if it is a mistake or it is indeed a different course.

They changed the date because of the instructor availability. It is NOT in
September anymore–it is now in October.

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