Retreat for mindfulnessteachers sangha January 2-7, 2019

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**Ethics, meditation and wisdom: **
**silent retreat for mindfulness teachers **
January 2-7, 2019

In the early, quiet days of the new year EAMBA, the European network of Mindfulness Associations, offers its annual 5-day silent retreat. The retreat welcomes teachers of all mindfulness-based programs as well as those in training.

Over the years, an international sangha of teachers has developed here, and we see many teachers return every January. The retreat has a unique form, offering a possibility to network and meditate together. The upcoming retreat in January, 2-7, 2019 will be offered in Germany.

Come join us in January for an inspirational start of the new year, with MBSR- and vipassanateacher Jake Dartington, who received his dharmatraining from Christina Feldman at Gaia House (UK), and who has been teaching internationally for many years.
Though secular, the retreat largely follows the vipassana-style of alternating periods of sitting and walking, with mindful movement. Welcome!

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