Rideshare SR-4029D July 2018 from Baltimore/DC?

Anyone going to the MBSR Fundamentals 9 Day from Baltimore/DC environs?

Would be interested in a Ride Share to/from. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Hi Shannon- I will be coming up to Rhinebeck for the 9 day Fundamentals course in July from Washington DC. Still haven’t figured out how I will do this and be there by noon. Where in Baltimore are you?


Laurie, Hello!

I’m cheating… heading up Friday and staying the weekend at Zen Mountain Monastery. Then probably taxi from to Omega on Sunday.

I’m downtown, near Harbor East.

Are you planning to bus or train up to Omega?

Happy Wednesday!

Hi Shannon
I was thinking of driving up on Sunday but it is 51/2 hours with no traffic. So I’m considering an overnight stop in Plesantville, NY to visit friends, making it only an hour drive on Sunday up to Rhinebeck. It seems bus and train travel are lengthy and expensive, especially the trains. I think it makes sense to go up a few days early and enjoy upstate NY.

I’m on Capitol Hill in DC so easy to travel north, but as we know the BW parkway and 95N can be slow and crowded.

I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet of Omega and our 9 day course!

Happy Wednesday back (what is left of it!)

Laurie, Good afternoon:

Interesting. Would you be interested in carpooling to NY together?

It might be too complicated to bother, but here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. My original plan was to Bus from Baltimore to NYC, then take another bus route from NYC to Mt. Tremper (to the Monastery).

  2. This second bus, the Trailways, has a stop in Ridgewood, NJ, which looks like it might be on the way to Pleasantville, or not too much out of the way.

  3. I had originally planned to spend Friday-Sunday at the Monastery, but if you are interested in a carpool buddy, and don’t mind dropping me in Ridgewood, it might work out that I ride north Saturday with you and take the Trailways the rest of the way.

  4. This whole plan may be too complicated. But even if it is, would you be interested in a carpool buddy southbound after Omega? I’d be happy to be dropped off outside Baltimore proper, at a light rail station, perhaps?

  5. I would of course be happy to pay for half the fuel or whatever is appropriate.

Let me know if any of this is interesting to you. There was another gal from Philly looking for a carpool back from Omega; I’d be happy to look her up again or maybe these things just shake out at the retreat center. :)

Happy Thursday!

Hi Shannon
Sorry I just saw this! Apologies for the delay in responding. I think carpooling for the Saturday trip up to NY sounds a little to complicated with two extra stops (Baltimore and Ridgewood). I looked up Ridgewood NJ from both Interstate 95 and 287 (not sure which way I will go) and it is a 40 minute round trip plus coming into downtown Baltimore. Sorry to put you off.

Carpooling back is a definite possibility. Let’s chat at Omega because there may be someone going quite near your home in Balto.