Room Share for PTI at Shrewsbury, MA. April 5-13, 2019

(Maite Loguercho) #21

Hi Sal! I couldn’t cancel the booking. So I’m going to stay at the hotel… :( But thank you so much for your help. I’m looking forward to meet you soon,
see you

(Sal LaFemina) #22

I spoke with the host of the Airbnb who told me that all the rooms available from him were booked. Se all of you soon.


(Sal LaFemina) #23

the cost was the only factor for me at this time. Spent a lot skiing this winter and have Escape Camp this June. I will be driving so going out to dinner with others is still an option, although personally I’d rather cook. To me that was the advantage of the hotel sweet. So, it all worked out as is.

(Sal LaFemina) #24

It’s interesting how the mind works. When I replied I was sitting in my office, having missed lunch and thinking about the long evening ahead seeing patients. So I was thinking a cup of tea and a Suzy Q would be nice and hold me over until dinner. When I looked back at what I sent I saw the Freudian slip “hotel sweet” rather than hotel suite. Mind over matter, hilarious.


(Julie Rumrill) #25

Hi Laura,
Just reading all these messages now… Did you end up booking a room? I’m at the hotel but it’s crazy expensive. Looking to see if I can cancel my reservation and book somewhere else.

(Laura Bertrand) #26

I just airb n b 'd it. I was able to get a room, 25 minutes away that cost $400 for the full 8-days. It was worth my sanity to book it, I put in on my PAYPAL credit. Got to love credit!

(Maite Loguercho) #27

Hi Sal!
I’m Maite, again, planning the travel to the training :)
Do you still have place at your car to share the trip?
If it is so I really would like to join you.
In an hour I’ll have my flight to NY , but let me know.
Just in case my cel is +5491130086513

(Sal LaFemina) #28

Hi Maite, Diego said you might be interested in joining us. Yes, I have room and would be delighted to have another passenger on board. I tend to travel light so depending on what car I take another passenger should be no problem. I’m meeting Diego at the Floral Park station of the Long Island Rail Road at 9:42 am Friday morning. If you want to contact me when you get to NYC please do so we can coordinate travel arrangements.