Room Share for PTI at Shrewsbury, MA. April 5-13, 2019

(Sal LaFemina) #1

Hi, I am seeking a room share for the PTI at Shrewsbury, MA April 5-13, 2019. The listed cost is $1,120 although I have not researched other options I would like to cut this cost. Anyone interested please contact me at I am driving up from NYC area if anyone would like to share the ride too.


(Kyoko Henson) #2

I am also looking for someone to share room with. I am coming from Pittsburgh PA. I am an asian female.

(Sal LaFemina) #3

Hi Kyoko, my name is Sal. I am looking to share the expenses of a room. I have not booked the hotel yet but plan to do so by the end of this week. I’m not particular about a male of female roommate and can respect a persons privacy. I’m neat and organized and can cook. If you would consider rooming together you can call me at (518) 365-6211



(Lori Tuominen) #4

I was in last year’s PTI, and there are several Airbnb’s near the CFM (the one I stated at was within walking distance*) that are a fraction of the cost of the recommended hotel (maybe 1/3 of the cost?). I just thought I would throw this option out for you!

*however, the one I stayed at did not allow room sharing, which bummed me out because I would have loved to have shared the space with another PTI participant. So that’s something to keep in mind while you’re searching, too. Good luck!

(Sal LaFemina) #5

Thank you Lori, that information is helpful. Ill look into Airbnb’s. That’s a great idea.


(Kyoko Henson) #6

Thank you for this info!

(Kyoko Henson) #7

Hi, Sal.

Thank you for contacting me. I think I’m going too look for airbnb as someone suggested. I appreciate your consideration!

(Carrie Kelly) #8

Thank you so much for that suggestions Lori! I too am looking to roomshare and totally open to Airbnb. I have not booked anything and am traveling from WI.

(Sal LaFemina) #9

Yes, Airbnb is a great idea. I’m glad Lori shared this information with us. Although there is something about being in the same hotel with the other participants that has a sense of community. However, at the moment cost rules.


(Kyoko Henson) #10

I just booked with airbnb for less than $400 for the entire stay. Thank you so this suggesiton.

(Sal LaFemina) #11

Thanks for the suggestion Lori, I was able to book a private room for a fraction of the hotel cost. Thanks again.


(Roxanne Lam) #12

Hello, I’m Roxanne, coming from Hong Kong. Thanks so much Lori for your suggestion! I’ve been trying to look for options that are within walking distance from CFM (as I won’t drive). I’m open to room sharing and Airbnb.

(Laura Bertrand) #13

I am also looking at Airbnb’s and I was going to rent a room in someone’s home, but there are houses that sleep larger amounts of people. I am just exploring this now, but would definitely go in on something.

I am coming from CT, I found a few homes around $30 a night but they are also renting additional rooms in home. It would be nice to commute and see a friendly face when in a new environment.
Definitely hit me up if you want to go in on something.

(Betsy Fagin) #14

Hi, I’m just looking into accommodation as well & like the airbnb idea. My concern is getting to & from cfm as I won’t have a car. Is there some kind of transportation being provided between the recommended hotel & the training site? Or are people mostly driving?


(Kyoko Henson) #15

I booked a room with airbnb and the house I will be in have another room to rent. If you rent the room there, I have a car to travel back and forth with shared gas…

(Sal LaFemina) #16

To all, I booked a room at an airbnb for just over $300. there are other rooms available. I drive and will be willing to take a passenger or two as long as we arrive on time.


(Maite Loguercho) #17

Hi! I’m Maite, coming from Argentina. I booked a room last night but I’m afraid I can not afford that expense.
Sal, could you send me the link or data for the airbnb room that you mention?
Or would anyone like to share with me a room for 3 in the Residence Inn?

(Sal LaFemina) #18

Maite, the Airbnb I booked is at 40 Hollywood St. Worcester MA. I don’t know if there are rooms available so you would have to look it up through Airbnb. I can offer you transportation to the training if you are able to get a room there. Please let me know in advance so I can plan ahead.



(Diego Martinelli) #19

Hi Sal,

I am also based in NYC and would be happy to share ride.
Kindly appreciate your attention.
+1 305 742 1295