Seeing a Female roommate for PTI October 5th

(Rosy Sharma Sedhain) #1

Wondering if any Female is interested in sharing the room so we can split the cost.

(Judy Angyalfy) #2

Yes, I am. Can you email me? I already have reserved a room with 2 queen beds and need a female roommate . Judy

(Rosy Sharma Sedhain) #3

I have reserved a room with 2 queen bed too. Will you be able to cancel your reservation so that I can add you in mine? Let me know.

(Judy Angyalfy) #4

Hi Rosy,
Let’s compare room rates. My room is at the AC hotel suggested by the CFM and the total with taxes will be $1455.80 so $729.90 each. I just want my own bed as I have to change positions a lot when I sleep. If our reservations are identical then I can cancel mine. I fly to Logan from Florida and arrive at 12:15. I haven’t figured out shuttle to Shrewsbury yet. I’m very excited to be taking the PTI but have moments of dread when I think about the intensity of it but such a growth opportunity too. Where are you coming from?
I look forward to hearing from you.
My best, Judy

(Gi Indoccio) #5

I am also looking for a female roommate to split the cost during PTI Oct 5 Oct 13 in Shrewsbury, MA

Please let me know if interested.

Gi Indoccio

(Judy Angyalfy) #6

Rosy, my cell is 904-814-4397 if you prefer to call or text.

(Rosy Sharma Sedhain) #7

Hi Judy,
I got the same rate too. I am flying from Tampa Florida. Where in Florida are you from?
I use CPAP machine althrough it’s the quietest kind let me know if it ok with you or not. I am feeling the same dread like you described.

(Rosy Sharma Sedhain) #8

Thanks for your response Gigi. Hope we will hear from more Ladies so we all can get a roommate.

(Liz Wood) #9

Hi Gigi.

Are you still looking for someone to share a room? I’d like to share a room as well.

Let me know!

(Gi Indoccio) #10

Hi Liz,

Just got your email tonight. Left you a voice mail and would like to share
a room with you for sure.

Please let me know you got my voicemail and let’s talk on the phone tonight
or tomorrow.

Thanks, Gi :)

(PATRICIA Madrazo) #11

Hi everyone, I wonder if there’s someone else available to share room for the course?

Thank you!


(Gi Indoccio) #12

Hi Patrica,

I am all set with a roommate Liz Woods but hopefully another person will see this thread and email you to be a roommate. That’s what happened to me and Liz.

thanks, Good Luck,


(PATRICIA Madrazo) #13

Hi Gi,
Thank you!
I hope someone shows up too.
See you at the course.


(Laura Peters) #14

Hello Patricia,
If you are still looking for a roommate, I’d like to talk with you to see if we’re compatible! My email address is (I was a grad student there and was able to keep the email address.)
I’d appreciate hearing from you one way or the other.
Laura Peters

(PATRICIA Madrazo) #15

Hi Laura, thanks. I’ll write you by email.


(Laura Hilb) #16

Hi everyone,

I realize this is last minute… are there any other females interested in sharing a room for the PTI? My email is

Laura :)