Short documentary about the CFM's research on breaking habits (12 min)

Last year Al Jazeera produced a documentary about the Center for Mindfulness’ Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab and the research that we’re doing to help people overcome all types of addictions. The film features the different approaches that we’re using to break habits, including the app-based training and neurofeedback. Take a look!


Hi Judson
Thanks for posting this. It’s great to see how technology can be harnessed for skilful use rather than the mindless addiction-forming alternatives. It seems to me that there is something in this App for all of us, regardless of whether we have a ‘named addiction’ … after all, we all have ‘habit loops’. Thank you for emphasising the ‘wedge of awareness’ … I make use of this a lot in my teaching and find it really resonates with participants. I find myself wondering if this is because there is a subtle sense of ‘doing’ (being able to take care of oneself) in ‘applying’ this ‘wedge of awareness’ … I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

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Thanks for sharing this amazing video Judson, and also for your comment and question Gill. I had a similar comment about using a visual aid to help explore how thought streams can be so unconscious and subtle, mt teaching partner uses a wonderful analogy of a putting a stick in a spinning wheel, it seems very helpful for folks. Your question about the ‘doing’ aspect is a great one, I’m also curious about this…feeling a sense of agency (as in self care & compassion) perhaps?

Looking forward to furthering the conversation.
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Hi Jacki
Yes, I think you’re right … a sense of agency seems to be a good way of describing it …and the emphasis on the self-care & compassion speaks to the ‘soft edge’ around the ‘doing’. I guess this moves into a ‘hard edge’ when this ‘doing’ becomes driven or more goal-orientated, rather than an inclination towards a healthy way of being. A balance we’ve all encountered at times!
Perhaps you have more thoughts on this? Or, others have thoughts on this?
Gill x