**The Mindfulness Teacher Trainees' Experiences (MTTE) Online Study**

The Mindfulness Teacher Trainees’ Experiences (MTTE) Online Study

If you are a mindfulness-based programme teacher-in-training or new teacher, please consider joining our online study!

We are recruiting secular mindfulness-based programme teachers-in-training or new teachers from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. We will follow participants for a year asking them to briefly write about their meditative experiences in an online personal diary every two weeks.

Our aim is to explore the full range of experiences brought about by secular mindfulness meditation, and whether different types of people have different trajectories to wellbeing. We also want to explore how the way in which we ask people about their experiences changes how they report them. We want to study how experiences unfold, therefore we need participants who are relatively new but committed to mindfulness meditation. For this reason, the current study focuses on teachers-in-training or new teachers.

We hope that this study will help mindfulness interventions to be more effective by better supporting diverse practitioners and anticipating their needs. We will also be able to inform instructors-in-training support systems. We tried to make this study as unobtrusive and confidential as possible. You can even take part anonymously!

To know more and sign up please visit https://www.redcap-ide-cam.org.uk/surveys/?s=C4FED4ARDT. Feel free to email us with any questions atmtte@hermes.cam.ac.uk.