Wanted: Medical Professionals who practice mindfulness to create short video

I am assisting a company called eMindful in getting testimonials from various medical professionals on the transformative power of mindfulness for medical providers.

The request is as follows:

  • 30 min, on-camera interview (via Skype/Zoom/Webex) to discuss the benefits of applying mindfulness to the everyday moments of being a medical provider
    • Interviews may be scheduled at any time or day, and wherever is most convenient
    • A list of questions will be emailed to interviewees prior to the interview date, allowing interviewees to prepare
  • A headshot

The interviews will be embedded in a new program they are creating that is specifically for medical professionals.

  • Video testimonial pop-ups throughout the program
  • Digital Marketing Assets – social media posts, landing pages, etc.

There is a $350 honorarium provided. If interested, please let me know and I’ll connect you with them to learn more. Thank you.


Hello Sharafel,
It’s a greatday!
Greetings to you. I use #mindfulness and if it might interest you further I also sit on a coaching psychology board. Though I am currently away from work in France at the moment I am happy to share my experience and testimonial.