Website and Admin Platform for MBSR Teachers

I’m re-posting the below info because it has been more than 2 years when I last let the community know about this platform that was created based upon requests from teaching colleagues. I hope some of you find the below useful and supportive of your MBSR teaching. Thanks for all that you do to support mindfulness in the wider world.

If you’re struggling with creating a website, maintaining a digital presence, and staying on top of administrative tasks in addition to trying to teach MBSR, then please consider using this platform. Several years ago, a small team of friends came together to build a software platform for teachers that provides website, scheduling, payment processing, newsletter, and blogging features. We’ve continually added a lot of features over the last few years based on requests from teachers - if you’d like to request a feature, please let us know here. We built it so you don’t need tech skills and there are tutorial videos on how to use everything.

We’re set up as a public benefit corporation with the mission of furthering wellness education and access and provide free public events every year.

Note to our friends in the EU and EEA: We’re a small team, so currently we don’t offer service in the EU or EEA because of GDPR, but we’re still working towards meeting all of these new legal requirements so we can hopefully offer service in the EU and EEA soon.

May the above be of benefit.