Why the hype?

Dear friends,

With a colleague at the Université du Québec à Montréal, we are currently running a vast qualitative survey. Over the last 10 years, mindfulness meditation and mindfulness-based interventions have become extremely popular among the public and the scientific community. During that period, we have certainly learned a lot about the effects of mindfulness and its underlying processes, but we feel critical questions have been left unanswered: Why has mindfulness gained so much traction in Western societies? What are the individual, social, political or economic factors that can explain this booming interest in mindfulness? What does this mindfulness movement (Wilson, 2014) tell us about our society?

If you have a few minutes for us, we would like to have your thoughts on why the hype on mindfulness in our society right now, and how you would like to see this movement unfold over the next 10 years. Your opinion is important for us.

To share your ideas and take part in this study, please fill out our survey by following this link:


Thank you for your participation and please feel free to share this message with colleagues involved in the practice of mindfulness.